Artificial intelligence PC to reshape and revitalize the IT industry

Generative artificial intelligence is set to reshape the personal computer industry with the introduction of AI PCs. These devices integrate AI capabilities locally, allowing for personalized user experiences while protecting data privacy. AI PCs have the ability to automatically create artwork presentations, compose music, synthesize knowledge, and work more intelligently and securely. Compared to cloud-based AI services, AI PCs generate and use data locally, safeguarding personal privacy and copyright issues. Tech giants like AMD, Intel, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm have all unveiled their plans and upgrades for AI PCs, creating new demand and reshaping the industry landscape.

Lenovo, the world’s biggest PC maker, will release its first AI PC commercially in 2024 as part of their “AI for All” strategy. Apple, too, is eyeing the AI PC era with a focus on new machine learning capabilities. Hewlett Packard, Intel, and other industry players also have plans to introduce AI PCs in the coming years. It is projected that AI PC sales will grow rapidly, reaching 150 million units by 2027. The introduction of AI PCs is expected to stimulate demand for chips, software, and hardware in the AI era, leading to a slight rebound in the global laptop market.

Chips are a crucial component in AI PCs, as they provide on-device AI acceleration. Chip giants like Intel and AMD have announced AI PC acceleration programs, with a focus on optimizing performance and power efficiency for AI workloads. Intel plans to enable AI on more than 100 million PCs by 2025, while AMD showcased AI demonstrations at the China International Import Expo. Qualcomm, a mobile chip giant, is also entering the AI PC market with its Snapdragon X Elite platform. NVIDIA, with its latest software tool TensorRT-LLM, is set to consolidate its leading role in the AI market landscape. The upgrade will turn millions of existing computers into potential AI PCs with generative AI capabilities.

AI PCs offer a wide range of benefits, including faster and more secure image generation. The use of software tools like TensorRT can significantly speed up image generation, making AI PCs ideal for professionals in fields like photography, 3D art, architecture, and design.

Overall, the introduction of AI PCs is expected to reshape and revitalize the personal computer industry, driving innovation and competition among tech giants and providing users with personalized and secure computing experiences.