Cutting-edge AI software empowers users to create high-resolution images on their personal computers

A new tool called DemoFusion allows users to create high-resolution images using artificial intelligence (AI) on their personal computers. Unlike previous methods that required expensive subscriptions or powerful computers, DemoFusion utilizes freely available open-source AI models and can be run on mid-range gaming PCs or Mac M1. The technique, developed by researchers at the University of Surrey, enables users to enhance AI-generated images without having to retrain the model or rely on extensive computing power. The goal is to democratize access to high-quality digital art and imagery, making it available to a wider audience. The details of the technique are described in a paper titled “DemoFusion: Democratising High-Resolution Image Generation with No $$$” posted on the arXiv preprint server. The tool has the potential to benefit various applications such as education, design, and art.