The Opacity of Biden's AI Strategy Contradicts the OpenAI Ideal

Billionaire Elon Musk and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman are engaged in a battle over public access to AI technology. However, the most influential player in this space is President Joe Biden. The source code of AI programs, which are algorithms that power AI, plays a crucial role. If biased code is programmed in, AI programs can produce biased results and influence people’s political opinions and votes. Musk and Altman founded OpenAI to make their source code open to the public, ensuring transparency and protection against bias and censorship. Despite this, Biden’s recent executive order on AI does not address the issue of source code accessibility. The order intends to keep the source codes for AI closed, limiting free speech. Biden’s administration aims to give closed-source companies the freedom to practice their methods without scrutiny, benefiting Biden politically. Biden’s record on using the federal government and Big Tech to silence political opposition is concerning. The battle over AI accessibility continues, with the need to democratize AI while protecting the Republic.