7 Unexpected Ways to Use Chat GPT

2 — Promptception

If prompt writing for the best result in an art form, then who better to get recommendations from than Chat GPT, who has seen millions of prompts? That’s right, if in doubt, ask Chat to improve your prompt before you submit your important query.

“Dear Chat, I am interested in Mountain Biking as a hobby but don’t know where to start. Please write a prompt for me that I can submit which will help me out.”

Chat responded with a much better prompt, but I wasn’t satisfied yet. So I copied the new, better prompt and pasted it after the following: “Dear Chat, please refine the following prompt with more details:” followed by Chat’s prompt from step one above.

I won’t show you the whole output, but I’ll describe it for you. A bunch of main headings focused on the right equipment, safety, prepping for the weather, meeting fellow bikers, different kinds of mountain biking, how and where to learn, and more. Beneath most of these were links and additional bullets. Remember, all of this was still just the prompt with plenty further to take it by pasting it into the chat window! In reality, it was too long for the 4,000-character limit to paste all at once, so it is more of a process of picking and choosing those ultimate prompts to get to your final results.