OpenAI's Annual Revenue Exceeds $1.6 Billion in Latest Report

OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research laboratory, has reported annual revenue of over $1.6 billion, driven by strong growth from its ChatGPT product. This figure represents an increase from $1.3 billion, as reported in mid-October. OpenAI is currently in talks to raise a new funding round, with a potential valuation of $100 billion or higher. However, the terms, valuation, and timing of the funding round are not yet finalized and subject to change. OpenAI has also been in discussions with G42, based in Abu Dhabi, for funding a new chip venture, with a potential investment of $8 billion to $10 billion. Additionally, OpenAI is set to complete a separate tender offer led by Thrive Capital in early January, allowing employees to sell shares at a valuation of $86 billion.