ChatGPT: New Voice and Image Features

OpenAI recently announced that ChatGPT is introducing new voice and image features, greatly enhancing the user interaction experience. These new features allow users to communicate with ChatGPT through voice or present images to discuss relevant content. For example, users can discuss interesting aspects of landmarks captured during travels via voice or take photos of their refrigerator and pantry at home to determine dinner recipes.

Furthermore, these new features will initially be available to Plus and Enterprise users, with a gradual rollout expected over the next two weeks. The voice feature will be implemented on iOS and Android platforms, where users will need to opt in through settings, while the image feature will be available on all platforms.

Through these updates, OpenAI aims to progressively provide more advanced features while gathering user feedback to improve and refine the system. This update reflects OpenAI’s ongoing efforts in building safe and beneficial artificial intelligence while considering potential new risks, such as the risk of synthesizing voices to impersonate public figures or engage in scams. Therefore, the deployment of these new features will be conducted with great caution to ensure the broad interests and safety of users.

For more details, please visit OpenAI’s official blog.